My Army Life

I have been a military sibling for half of my life, I hardly remember a time where my life didn't consist of goodbyes, deployments and exciting homecomings. My brother is a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. He has served 3 tours overseas and is preparing for his forth currently. Two in Iraq (2004-2005; 2006-2007) then his more recent tour in Afghanistan (2012). As a military sibling, a lot of time you feel forgotten. There are tons of groups for spouses and parents; but people forget about us siblings.

I have been through times during deployments where I was scared to answer the door, because of what might be on the other side. I've had to deal with being the only one of my friends in my situation and nobody understanding. I've also seen images of war and fear that it was my brother. That's the life and as hard as its been I wouldn't have it any other way.

This blog is just a little about my life, my experiences and hopefully passing on some wisdom and help others going through the same things!

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