Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where to start...

I've been gone for a VERY long time!

Life has been crazy over the past year between the deployment (Which is OVER!!), family stuff and getting used to being an adult, things have just been all over the place.

Over this year I've also thought a lot about my future, where I see myself going or at least where I want to go. I have many thoughts and plans running through my head on a daily basis so in time it will make its way to paper (and here) and then with some heard work, sleepless nights and who knows what else it will be a reality and not a dream. brother is home, things are going back to "normal" and I feel pretty settled into this things called adult life. Work is going well, family is doing great. I've been thinking of way to improve the blog, to make it more interesting and ways to motivate me to keep writing. So within the coming weeks things will be changing. Possibly the design, topics I write about and just the whole look and feel. I will never separate myself from the military sibling/military support aspect because that is just a part of me, I can't just throw that out or let it go, but I'm thinking about adding in posts about working out (I've joined the world of BBG), my favorite cookie recipes, maybe throw in a few beauty products, some of my person tips for life, etc.

Hopefully everything will be up and running shortly, until then I am working on getting back on track with the blog.

Talk to you soon, ya'll!