Monday, March 9, 2015


The lead up to deployment can go one of two stay positive and you enjoy the moments you have or you are depressed and carry it to the deployment. My family always picks the first option, especially with the last deployment and the current since my brother is in St. Louis.

So I would consider us "Deployment Professional"...we have struggles obviously because it sucks. No sugar coating here-deployments just plain suck. That is why we make sure to enjoy our moments, so here are somethings we do to make our time together GREAT.

1. We go to dinner...a lot. Nothing brings families together like a trip to a restaurant.
2. We plan care packages, my brother is experienced and knows what "fun" things to bring and have sent (his words not mine). We have spent many nights the last few weeks going through the Oriental Trading magazines to pick out the random junk he must a blow-up Cactus Cooler. Because who doesn't need that.
3. We also avoid anything that will make us sad or that will cause us to talk about the "possibilities"...we don't worry about it until we have to.
4. We become hermits, we all stick together in the pre-deployment stage.
5. STAY POSITIVE. I can't stress it enough that you have to stay positive, being sad and depressed is okay but not all the time! It will make the whole thing worse.

As you and your family prepare for a deployment or if you are experiencing a deployment, remember you aren't alone! It seems like it will never end, but it will and there will be exciting homecomings, happy tears and a lot of smiles! Just stay strong!

What do y'all do to make it through the pre-deployment phase?

Thanks y'all!