Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking to get involved in a veterans/military support organization?

There are countless organization out there that help veterans and their families, I have a few that I specifically try to purchase from, share posts for or donate to just based on the work that they do for the military.

Here are some of my personal favorite organizations to support:

Operation Warriors
Boot Campaign
Travis Manion Foundation
Lone Survivor Foundation
Navy Seal Foundation
All in All the Time Foundation
3 Minutes our
Chris Kyle Frog Foundation
31 Heroes Project
Fisher House

Here are a few events that you can take part in as well:

Joggin For Frogmen 5K
Crush it for JT 5K

There is no right or wrong when deciding what organizations to support, just make sure they are passionate about something you love as well!

What is your favorite organization to support?

Thanks y'all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to make it through a deployment...

Trust me when I say deployments never get just learn how to handle them better.

I am preparing for my brothers 4th deployment currently, so it had me think about how I got through the others. I guess you can say these are my "Words of Wisdom."

First, this is going to be a very emotional journey...more difficult than basic training and AIT. I'm not trying to scare you here, just simply prepare you. If you know me personally you know that I DO NOT let anyone see my emotions or my fears. But seriously deployments will bring out all kinds of will cry, laugh, you will be mad and you will be scared. A huge lesson I learned was to never let me brother see it...your soldier needs to be able to focus and worrying about you will distract him.

Second, don't stop your life. A lot happened during my brothers first deployment and our lives stopped...we were miserable. We have learned over time that its okay to smile, to have a good time and to enjoy life. This is something that I have still been getting used to...and I have a simple way to think about this. Live a life that is worth somebody's sacrifice. Trust me your sibling wouldn't want you to stop what you are doing and sit idle for them to come home.

Third, DO NOT believe everything the news reports. Sometimes they rush to report the news so they can be number 1. If you need to know you will know. Also, no news is good news. My brothers first deployment was before Skype... we got a handful of emails (literally he had no internet) and a few phone calls. but not hearing anything also let me know he was okay.

Okay so some of my other little tidbits...
1. get a hobby, keep yourself occupied!
2.find a good support system...sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to.
3. stay positive...negativity is NOT helpful. It will honestly make it worse.

Just a little words of wisdom from one sibling to another, what is your advice for getting through deployments?

Thanks Y'all!