Friday, October 3, 2014

RED Friday

So as a military sibling I like to do anything I can to show support for our military! One of my favorite ways is RED Friday.

During Blogtober I'm going to do something Military related on Fridays just as a way to support those who support all of us.

If you don't know what RED Friday is it stands for Remember Everyone Deployed Friday. Just a way to bring attention that we still have people serving overseas. It is a really simple way, all you do is wear red on Fridays.

You can get special RED Friday shirts from different places, including Etsy, Ranger Up,, or the Boot Campaign. Most veterans owned or military themed stores will sell RED Friday products.

I wore my RED Friday shirt from Marcus Luttrell and Team Never Quit today but its was like 40 degrees and rainy so I didn't get a pictures. So here is mine from vacation with Lola because I yes even while on the beach I honored RED Friday.

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