Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Favorite Reads

Let me start by saying I never really considered myself a reader. In high school I literally only read World War II books, no joke that is it. I'm kind of a history nerd. During the summer before my senior year of college I kind of went on a reading binge. This binge included 50 Shade of Grey which were pretty good, not the best technically written but good. I've kind of moved on from THAT type of book because yes I read a few series similar to 50 Shades.

I went and saw Lone Survivor last December and I LOVED IT. So I read the book, then had to read Marcus Luttrell's other book Service. Next on my military book kick was American Sniper by Chris Kyle...SO GOOD. LOVED THEM (military book review coming to you very very soon and I will talk more about them).

The book I'm going to review is called Crazy Good by Rachel Robinson...

let me start by saying the author is a military spouse and there were events in this book that I know were probably not easy to write about. As a sibling I have those similar fears, so I think its amazing that she was able to write about them and honestly made it very accurate. Okay so before I start this review that will probably be ridiculously long because I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH how about a little synopsis of the book...
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I linked to Amazon because if I wrote the description I would just tell you about the whole book.

Okay so my review...
I loved the book, seriously loved it. I've never read a book where I really got attached to characters (that sounds weird but I loved Stone and Morganna don't judge) I think this book was well written grammatically and technically, which following some of the other books I've read recently was a breath of fresh air. The portrayal of the military guys was perfect. I've grown up around the military so I would read things and just remember all the crazy things my brother has done or read the banter between the guys and have names of my brothers friends, it was just so accurate. My favorite part about it was how different it was from the "typical romance novel" it made me laugh...a made me mad, and it definitely made me cry. There were times I wanted to put it down because the mission, the death and the funeral were almost too much, but it was so good I couldn't put it down. I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed this book, I literally want a Stone ( love Mav but Stone was the best, read the book and you will understand) This book brings out every possible emotion and seriously couldn't put it down. I've read it three times and you better believe that when the author puts out her next book Set in Stone I'll read it again to prepare myself! I just read another review to see what others wrote and this literally describes it the best "the fact that a book can simultaneously make you want to jump your husbands bones, laugh, cry, cringe, and thank a veteran is a skill not easily achieved by many authors." Perfection that is what this book is. This is the book I read to get through internships, senior projects (campaigns for my classmates) and just the stress of life.

Not the best reviewer, but seriously the book is great. Go read it. The new book will be out soon so HURRY.

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