Friday, September 26, 2014

Life has just been a crazy hot mess

So as Y'all know I've been mia for the past few months. Like I said in the title like has been just a hot mess.

I have had a lot of ups and downs this summer which caused me to kind of abandon the blog.

The biggest high was obviously graduating college! Seriously the best day ever (except my brother was gone at training)

Then it kind of went down hill from there, I lost a really close family friend a week later from cancer. Then just a few days after that I lost my grandpa and if you know me you know how important he is to me. I've been through a lot of lose but this one really hurt. I've seen him literally everyday of my life. He had dementia and for a long time told all my family I was the only one who cared about him. We had a really close bond. I'm like him in a lot of ways but especially in my need to be EARLY like really early and in my love for our military. He is the one who instilled in my the passion and determination I have when it comes to helping veterans. So its taken a lot of time to move forward from this. I definitely miss the phone calls every time it storms making sure I'm okay, the times he asks me about boyfriends and his response always being "you don't need any boy, you have too much going for you to worry about a trouble maker" and Strawberry shakes will never be the same not sharing them with him.

Most of my summer has been spent with my grandma, I'm with her everyday. Sometimes its running errands, some days in lunch and others its doing things I never thought I would at 22. Seriously. Planning a funeral and picking out a tombstone are not fun and its as horrible as it sounds. As hard as all this has been, I've been able to really learn how strong I really am and I've formed an even stronger bond with my grandma and I got to be with my grandpa in his final moments. All things I wouldn't change for anything.

Okay so TOO much emotion for me! I'm not a really emotional person or a crier so enough of this.

So I decided to do a blog revamp. It was getting difficult to just post about military sibling life and not bring up personal things going on, or doing fun post about random stuff. BUT I will still have a focus on the military because that's my life its what I love. I'm just adding a little more of a personal aspect outside of the military life.
As far as the new name, I love the military and my Boot Campaign combat boots and I love sweet tea!

Expect a lot from me coming up, I'm taking part in a Blogtober challenge with my friend Elena | Cheetahtalkymas

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