Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gold Star Mothers and Family Day

The last Sunday in September is a day to honor the mothers and families of fallen service members.

As a military sibling I know what its like to be left at home, but I have been truly blessed and lucky to have my brother return every deployment. Countless other families aren't as lucky. Today is the day to remember and honor them. Everyday thousands of mother, fathers, widows, widowers, siblings and children carry on with their lives following the lose of a family member over seas.

As Americans I think its is our job to take care of and honor these families. They paid the ultimate price for freedom, giving up someone they loved and cared for. So those of us who haven't had to make that payment, those of us who haven't experienced "that knock" that all military families fear, and those of us who haven't been asked to carry on owe it to those who have to stand up and be a support for them.

So in honor of Gold Star Mothers day, take time and remember those who gave all and those who were left behind. Take a moment to visit a national cemetery, volunteer at a USO or Fisher House, do something to benefit the families and those currently serving. Don't let them be forgotten.

Today I have the families of Jon T. Tumilson and Clayton R. Beauchamp in my thoughts and prayers. I never knew them or their families but I wear their names every day and will not allow them to be forgotten.

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