Thursday, June 26, 2014

Military men come with a lot of baggage

I don't mean emotional baggage, I mean literal baggage and stuff.

If you are new to this military life you may not see it yet, but give it a few years, a couple PCS' and maybe a deployment or two and trust me you will.

My brother has been in South Carolina, Texas, Germany, Iraq, Germany, Texas, Iraq, Texas, Missouri-along with being in 4 different National Guard units- and Afghanistan. Over the years I can't tell you how many different bags and footlockers have been left behind at our house.

Be ready to give up space (and be ready to stub your toe on a footlocker and almost pass out from the pain) when ever he comes around. My brother owns his own home and we STILL have at least 4 footlockers in our basement from his first deployments. DO NOT OPEN THEM...They don't smell good.

With all this stuff...remember it gets moved at some point. You know who gets volunteered to move the sibling. I've helped my brother and his wife move 4 times. To Ft. Leonardwood (twice), to my house in St. Louis and to their new home. Let me just say you have no idea how much stuff you accumulate until you pack up a 10 year military career. Footlockers EVERYWHERE!

Be ready to use muscles you've never even knew you had and prepare for it to poor down rain or be a million degrees every time. You should probably hope and pray you have an OCD sister in law like I do who had everything packed and ready to go weeks in advance.

Also remember that the move means one thing...he isn't in a war zone and he is going on to new opportunity :)

Stay safe y'all

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