Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Homecomings are great, but don't always expect a big surprise

So I'm in the stressful time of being less than 5 days away from college graduation and I have no idea what I'm doing following graduation. Obviously, to make myself feel better I like to watch some soldiers coming home. Its literally my favorite, if you are having a bad day pull up YouTube and watch them right now!

I'm not going to lie either, I always wanted my brother to walk into my class room and surprise me, or show up at my soccer games. Lets be real I would die if my brother would show up at my college graduation in May (he will be gone the whole month training so it would be AMAZING)

But three deployments and four homecomings later (came home for a 2 week funeral leave) I have yet to get a cool, exciting surprise. Never. Not once. It's been 11 years and our "surprise" was "hey, my flight comes in a blanktime come pick me up..."

My brothers whole thing around not doing a surprise for any of us is that he's been deployed for a year he just wants to come home and be done with it. Nothing crazy, no signs, no big plans (he got signs he obviously didn't know his mother, sister and grandfather were pretty freaking excited)

In my 11 year old mind that was the only positive of a deployment (and it kind of is) I thought it was the norm, that everyone did that when they came home. So you can imagine the slight disappointment when he just called and said he was coming home. I mean I was happy he was home but I wanted a cool surprise.

Have you been surprised by your sibling? Or do you have a favorite homecoming video? If so let me know!

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