Monday, March 3, 2014

What puts a smile on my face-and even some happy tears?

As military siblings, or really any close relative to a someone in the military there will be really great ups and some plummeting downs.

The military life is never easy and its not as glamorous or as exciting as a lot of movies show. I have taught myself to always be distracted. During a deployment I try really hard to prevent any free time. ( I was literally president or involved in every group in high school and middle school and played soccer)

Over the years of deployments and even just school stress I've had some pretty bad days. I have actually had a few the past week or two. I have a few things I turn to to life my spirits.

1. A good book! This is a new thing for me I HATE reading honestly dreaded it for a really long time. Now I can't stop. You give me any military book and I'll read it! They always bring me back to reality and how lucky I am and how blessed we are. (some like the Lone Survivor or Service will make you cry but its worth it)

2. A nice long walk with my dog. My dog Lola is my child I've had her for 3 months and we got her from a local shelter. She is a 2 year old German Shepherd and she loves walks. I live near Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and park (also a base for air national guard) That place is my therapy. I just feel like a weight is lifted and I can just breath there. Those walks are just refreshing and a calming. I've been doing this since High school and it never fails.

3. I LOVE watching Military homecomings. I'm a sucker for these, I don't cry often but when I do I'm probably watching these. {disclaimer, don't get all excited about a surprise homecoming, 3 deployments and 1 year long over seas station no fun surprise homecoming}

And sometimes when all else fails, its okay to just cry. That cry might be really needed to just let everything go. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Some of my favorite videos!

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