Thursday, March 13, 2014

Support is KEY!

So I just read an article on CNN it was amazing. My life goal has been reaffirmed by this article. I want to help veterans and their families and this just showed my how needed that help is.


This article talked about suicide, we know it happens fairly often among soldiers, but what about the families left at home. At no point during my brothers deployments had I thought about suicide, but if something would have happened to him I don't know what I would do.

I know people handle situations in different ways, for me I distract myself. I fill my life plate so full that I don't have time to worry. At least not visibly worry. How ever you handle it having support is what will really help.

Growing up I was the only one of my friends with someone in the military, support wasn't really happening at school. I had it at home but at some point you want to have friends by your side too. As military siblings we are pretty much put on the back-burner, we have to be strong for the spouses or parents, but what about us!?

One of the main reasons I've started this blog is to support siblings in any way possible. I've been the kid who can't watch the news, whose scared to answer the door (seeing a random car on my street scared me to death, at 11 years old I knew that those cars could be telling me my brother isn't coming home), I've been so scared and stressed and just needed someone to talk to who understands and not had that. I don't want other siblings to feel this way ever!

There really aren't many places to reach out to for counseling help through military group (at least non that I am aware of)

The best advice I can give is lean on your family find a friend who you can vent to, cry to, and sometimes complain to. They don't have to be a military sibling to listen. Build a support system, at church, school, with a sports team...somewhere find people who you can call at anytime.

Feel free to reach out to me, regardless of the issue I am always willing to talk.

If (an God forbid) you have lost a sibling(or any military loved one for that matter) get in contact with TAPS (The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) they do amazing work!

Find a support system just for you and I promise it will make it all a little easier!

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